Electro Dancing

Everytime I Dance I can’t help but think of Ace. Rip friend.

That’s why anytime I dance I’m Not Alone.


Reserve’s Relativity

Grafton Primary - Change (2007, EP Relativity)

Reserved from San Antonio Texas

We are the Dance Generation USA

Real American Electro Dance

Video by: TekNahLow-G
BLACK MASK Productions


Reserved and Seve from San Antonio TX

Ghetto Rave


Texas Electro Movement- United

Post-Vertifight Celebration 

Electro Dancers: 
Tommy Trazh (Brownsville, TX) 
Cory (Houston, TX) 
Charlay (Brownsville, TX) 
Reserved (Austin, TX) 
Lalo (Brownsville, TX) 
Charlie Boy (Brownsville, TX) 
Nacho (Edinburg, TX) 
Ness (Brownsville, TX) 
Leo (Brownsville, TX) 
Z-Bear (Houston, TX) 
Cheese (Brownsville, TX) 
Ivan (Edinburg, TX)
Le-X (Brownsville, TX) 
Giovanni (Brownsville, TX)

Reserved- 3D Modeling
Ace- Camera Operator & Post Production Editing
A Texas Electro Movement presentation

Music by:
Drivepilot- Sentinel

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